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Through one-to-one coaching, I will give you the tools, the support and the direction you need so you can eliminate your money stress and achieve your financial dreams.

Your Financial Life Can Be Different You’re Not Alone

All it takes is the willingness to learn, and try, new things. If the path you have been walking on doesn’t take you where you want to go, then it’s time to take a different path. That’s where a financial coach comes in.

The 7 Day Quick Start Guide Get on the Right Track!

Step 1: Download this FREE Guide

The 7 Day Quick Start guide is meant to jump start your path to get on the right financial track

Step 2: Follow the Daily Actions

Just follow the daily tasks and you begin to change your habits that haven't served you well.

Step 3: Reach Out For Support

Doing this alone can be so hard,  I'm here to help you along the way, encourage you and show you how attainable financial freedom can be

How I Work With You

As a financial coach, I will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need so that you can handle day-to-day money management on your own. I will also help you identify your behaviors around money so that you can better understand which ones work for you and which ones don’t. I do this in a safe, no-judgment space that is totally confidential.

The Brand New Way Of Financial Freedom

The Old Way Is Doesn't Work

47% do not have $400 available for an emergency
60% would not have $1,000 available for an emergency
70% of the population lives paycheck to paycheck
80% of the population lives with debt of some kind

This Way Is The Future

Don't be ashamed of your lack of knowledge of daily money management. Stop living paycheck to paycheck. Make that dream to buy a home, take a dream vacation, or retire early a reality

About Me

I was one of the fortunate few who learned how to manage money at an early age. However, I soon discovered that most people have more of a struggle with money than I did. I learned this first-hand when I got married. My husband and I didn’t talk about money before our wedding. But I knew he had debt. I just didn’t know why.

We were in this marriage thing together, right? So I did what any good wife would do, and I paid off his debt with my plentiful savings. But within a month, he had already started accumulating new debt.

That’s when I learned that the issue was behavioral and knowledge based. I also learned that people had different styles when it came to money. Some people are spenders and some people are savers. And most marriages contain one of each, including ours. I learned that disagreements about money are a major contributor to divorce. But I believed that it didn’t have to be that way in our marriage.

Fortunately, my husband it a good man, and he was receptive to learning how to get his money under control. But I had things to learn too. Spenders need to save within workable parameters. But savers need to recognize that they’re not more “right” than the spenders. They’re just different. I can assure you that I would have had a much more boring life if it wasn’t for my spender husband. My husband and I learned to strike a balance. The result? We have been debt free for years. We keep our eyes on our money, but we also have a lot of fun. And we do it together.

I have spent decades building and refining financial techniques that work both for couples and for individuals. Now I can share those techniques with you too. And as someone who practices the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Sweetheart), my techniques are streamlined and can work for anyone. That being said, I always tailor things to your needs.

Financial coaching is truly a passion of mine. I love seeing people’s transformation from someone with little confidence about handling their money to someone who has changed their life. Their whole demeanor is different. I want this for you too. And I know you can do it!

- Joan Mistrough

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